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             木 村 尚 樹 
         NAOKI  KIMURA
         fine photographic arts
           since 1987

Thinking about Realism

An anachronism in today

Thinking about Realism

It is well known that one cannot talk about photography without mentioning realism.
However, it is also clear that the only way to deconstruct realism is to set it against the background of the times, and that this is barren, including the meaning of technological innovation.

While it is generally accepted that photography captures something that is as close to the truth as possible, it is highly questionable to what extent reality exists in its output.
Today's advances in photography and digital technology have made it difficult to recognize "truth" through the intersection of so many different kinds of realism.

The photographic act of "realism," which is simply the act of trying to find a way to express what is there without any polarity or attributes, may already be a concept that can exist only as an anachronism in our time.

木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography

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