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​©2021 Naoki Kimura

I chose the "Creation" of photography as a way to explore the "beauty" that impressed me, seeking its consummation.

A "Lull-Calm" is one of the answers;

it is a "fluctuation" in the place where I stay.

 For me, it is the "Mono no Aware" (Being susceptible to beauty as a uniquely traditional Japanese mind) itself.

The concept of "Nagi-Lull" commends that sensibility,

but also that phenomenon(Nagi-凪)regarded as an attribute of the moment;

an intersection of the temporal and the spatial.



Seeking/understanding beauty is one of the attributes of being human,

one of our basic instincts.

Black & White Photograph


It is a paradigm shift that abstracts the fragments of reality clearly and instantly.
It's a world of only gradations, 

the light and shadow will be weaving

木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography