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2. Zero-Horizon marginal photographic arts II

"Beautiful" is an instinct

2. Zero-Horizon marginal photographic arts II

So what is an instinctive reaction?
For example, when we list emotional adjectives such as "beautiful," "beautiful," "cute," "kind," and "healing" for each race of people in the world today, we ask people to imagine multiple things associated with them.
Conversely, have students list multiple adjectives for the subject of "flowers.
I think we can imagine that the results will be generally consistent.
The question arises as to when and where the idea of "flowers" as "positive" was created (originated). If we assume that flowers, which were in full bloom even in the primitive times, evoked positive things in humans as an "instinctive" response, and that they were unified in language, then the "basis" for translating a particular language of each race would be instinctive. If we assume that the "basis" for translating each race's specific language is the "language" that has been instinctively developed and backed up, then translation is possible.

"Beautiful" is nothing but an instinctive derivation, not only a linguistic derivation but also an experiential response.
Therefore, there are common human sensibilities and reactions.
However, it is also obvious that there is no single "match".
This is equivalent to the fact that there is no such thing as a biologically or empirically "identical" human being.
This is also "fluctuation.

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