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             木 村 尚 樹 
         NAOKI  KIMURA
         fine photographic arts
           since 1987

"Texture" and "Fluctuation" : Sensation as the Qualia

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"Texture" and "Fluctuation" : Sensation as the Qualia

To "feel" is also to "think.
Thinking is the only proof of one's existence as an individual human being, and is a feeling that arises in the mind prior to the influence of other environments and values.
There is no physical "entrance" of the five senses, but a complex of senses, or five senses plus "something". It may be an extra sense of "something.
At the very least, there will always be a "texture-Qualia" rather than a vertical division of senses.
It is obvious that texture is an aspect of "fluctuation" since it is still a sense with a range of fluctuation, but in the end, when we think of something, we are experiencing the fluctuation as some kind of texture there at the same time. Each time we do, we see the affirmation (recognition) of "existence" and are dominated by the subconscious self-preservation of "peace of mind" (that something is real).
This may be one of the answers to the comfort of "fluctuation.

A texture that "recalls" the "experience" of individual experience as a unique element will determine the value of fluctuation, whether it is good or bad.
For example, if it is a work of art, it will produce a sense of elation, as if enjoying the texture as a "re-experience" of aesthetic sense.
In this way, texture and fluctuation can be said to be "qualia" with the same root trigger.

木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography

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