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             木 村 尚 樹 
         NAOKI  KIMURA
         fine photographic arts
           since 1987


零式写真美術 III


零式写真美術 III

本能が紡いだ”ゆらぎ“ が共感として伝播し、芸術の記号として存在するときに、美術として制作されたものは、”零“の設えによって説明される。

When the "fluctuation" spun by instinct is propagated as sympathy and exists as a symbol of art, what is created as art is explained by the setting of "zero".
When it is a work of art as a photographic expression, the swaying of human mental images can only be attributed to the instinctive experience of the individual, and the moment of photography that captures the "fluctuation" as sympathy can make it possible.
This shall be referred to as the "Zero-horizon Photographic Art".

木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography

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