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Sho+1 is pleased to present "the tranquility as lullscape -nagi" In praise of shadows," an exhibition of photographs by Naoki Kimura, a photographic artist who specializes in original prints in monochrome. The exhibition will be held at the gallery.

In his photographic expression, there is nothing special about finding beauty in wabi-sabi, but Kimura captures the tranquil moments of light that emerge in a place.


OIL by "Bijutsu Techo" is an art marketplace created by Bijutsu Techo, which has been reporting trends in the art scene, together with leading galleries and art stores in Japan. Bijutsu Techo, which has played a role in connecting art and society as a medium, will deliver the experience of "purchasing artwork" through this service.


Art stage Osaka 2022

Following the successful Art Fair Tokyo 2022, an international art fair will be held in Osaka from June 3 (FRI) to 5 (SUN), where Naoki Kimura will exhibit and sell his original prints along with the participation of Sho+1 Gallery.



Art fair Tokyo 2022

Naoki Kimura will be exhibiting and selling his original prints at Sho +1 Gallery's participation in Art Fair Tokyo 2022.

ART FAIR TOKYO is the largest art fair in Japan and the oldest in Asia, featuring a wide range of art from antiques and crafts to nihonga painting, modern art and contemporary art.

The fair continues to evolve and expand as a platform for the art market, connecting past and present, Asia and the West, and presenting historically inspired artistic contexts.


Radio on Air

[Program Information]

"Let's get started! Femtec"

is a 5-minute program that airs every Tuesday through Thursday from 7:53pm. Femtech" is a five-minute program that airs every Tuesday through Thursday from 7:53 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

It is broadcast on 19 stations nationwide with Nippon Broadcasting System as

the key station on Tuesdays, and

on 27 stations nationwide with Nippon Broadcasting System as the key station on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you missed it, you can listen to it on radiko in your area!


Architecture and Light

Period:2019/05/10 fri - 06/08 sat

Marie Passa, Naoki Kimura, Muga Miyahara, GENTAROABE,
Yu Suzuki, Sohta Kawaguchi

EMON Photo Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition entitled "Architecture and Light" by six photographers which focus on modern and contemporary architecture. Their work captures the beauty of the composition of light which shines into the structures of the buildings.


Sound Collaboration

LIVE Light Mellow

Vol.1.5 ~ Future CityPop Edition 

 This time, collaboration with fine art photographer " Naoki Kimura" realized. 
While waiting for the performance, we will perform a slide show of cool photo work on Naoki Kimura's awsome. BGM, 
of course, Kanazawa selects, famous City Pop popular songs that fit the picture.
You can enjoy the art flavors from Tokyo. 

 ↓Click the picture for SlideShow

light Mellow collaboration2018_title_slj

 Starting Web Gallery

The Naoki Kimura's alternative stuff of Portfolio site has been launched.

This site supports browsing from mobile devices. And you can check by the Japanese language! now.

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In case



at Ginza, Japan.       

Ends in 7 days. from 

Sep.15th-22nd, 2018

The Soei Gallery, Ginza Japan presents “The anecdote- Nagi” a solo exhibition of

New works and unreleased works of the concept "Nagi" as a life work are exhibited. It displays not only unreleased works that made the subject in Japan, but also more than 20 works that include shoots in New York.

"Photo" is not much treated as a work of art in Japan, however this exhibition will be held with an unusual approach.


Especially exhibitions of photographic works at traditional domestic galleries mainly focusing on paintings, ceramics etc,

It is an unparalleled attempt.

Also This is his solo exhibition in Japan for the first time in three years.



Tonight "Weekly Media Communication" 1053th On Air!

From 24 o'clock, we will connect the community FM stations nationwide and air it.

Cast: Mikio Takashima, Miyako Hamasaki


t.Cast: Mikio Takashima, Miyako Hamasaki



Transmissions from
Real Life

Naoki Kimura's work has been selected for the makersplace exhibition project.

MakersPlace works with internal and external curators to bring you a group show that surfaces and celebrates marvelous art and artists from every corner of our platform. 

MakersPlace is the world’s most trusted marketplace and community to discover, buy, and sell authentic NFTs from the world’s leading digital creators. We offer digital creators a trusted platform to sell their creations directly to fans and collectors worldwide.

MP_Transmissions from Real life.JPG

Radio On Air

|Chikako Sawada|
~Afternoon Paradise~
FM Setagaya in Tokyo
Live from the Yoga Studio

I was a guest on the program of personalities Chikako Sawada and Keita Aoyama on the theme of "good old vintage. In addition to a heartwarming interview, I also made an announcement about Art Fair Tokyo 2022.


at Sho+1 Gallery

Reality and Virtuality Exhibitors


Participationg Artists:

fusengirl, Katsuhiko Brian Sato, Shinichi Hara, Kenji Misawa, Minami Tsuda, Chika Akanishi, TK, Mitsuru Sakurai, Shogo Shimiya,

Naoki Kimura 


November 26th, 2021 - January 15th, 2022 12:00 - 18:00

Closed on Mon. Sun. & Holidays ※We will be closed for the New Year’s holiday from December 26th through January 6th.


New Exhibition
Sho+1 Gallery

September, 2021

Towards new activities
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sho+1 Gallery.


Currently, during the interval of the gallery's special exhibition, several works as the permanent exhibition can be viewed in the gallery's exhibition space.


*Please visit our gallery for information about original prints or any other question for the works.


Radio On AIR

"Talkative Art-;Oshyaberi BijyuTweet"

FM Hoshizora station 77.5 MHz: Hachioji FM

Guest appearances for 2 weeks.

February 10 - February 17  2019

Sunday 9: 30 ~ 9: 55 * Tuesday morning 7: 30 ~ re-broadcast


It's just talking!
An epoch-making (?) Art program "Bijyu Tweet" which can not see pictures will introduce an interesting hypothesis and an arbitrary interpretation related to arts secretly



ADD New Tab in the SIte

The "Commitions" page is added in the website.

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Tokyo Project 2020

凪-nagi-和 -Lull- harmony's

The Movie, Slideshow style. 

This work has been for the support project art and cultural activity "Cheer for Art! Tokyo project" that'll be urgent measures to keep the lights of culture.
The project aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing opportunities to issue and publish on the Web the works produced by professional artists and staff who have no choice but to refrain from their activities.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government will support the activities of the city and provide opportunities for residents to come into contact with the arts and culture even at home.


Media actions

This week he appeared on radio programs

in Tokyo, Japan.

"The afternoon Paradise" at Thursday by Mr.Sugi_Masamichi, as the guest speaker for announcing the information of Exhibition" Nagi-ancdote-" at Ginza Gallery. 

snapshot_2018_after-para. (1 of 1).JPG

木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography

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