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"nagi" on the edge of Milstone 2022 at Fireking cafe
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"nagi" on the edge of  Milestone   Naoki Kimura's Exhibition 2022

Lifework concept "Nagi".

The year 2022, the turning point of his creative activities, is a milestone for the next phase.


New and unpublished works will be exhibited.

The exhibition will feature more than 16 works, including unpublished works that were taken in New York, as well as new works that were taken in Japan.

The exhibition includes more than 16 works, including unpublished works that were taken in New York.

The casual exhibition style at "FireKing Cafe," a pioneer of the Cafe-Gallery in Tokyo(Since 2000), is a rare opportunity to view Kimura's works, which are positioned as "fine photographic art," from various perspectives. This is a rare opportunity to view Kimura's works from various angles.






被写体を日本に求めた未発表作品をはじめ、New Yorkでの撮り下ろしを


​Cafe-Galleryの草分けである、”FireKing Cafe” でのカジュアルな展示スタイルは"Fine-art photoー写真美術”と位置付ける木村の作品を多角的に閲覧できる稀有な機会である。

『木村尚樹 展』 凪・外伝 - nagi - anecdote  2018
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『木村尚樹展』 2018

―凪・外伝 - nagi - anecdote―





被写体を日本にした未発表作品をはじめ、New Yorkでの撮り下ろしを





The Soei Gallery, Ginza Japan presents “The anecdote- Nagi” a solo exhibition of New works and unreleased works of the concept "Nagi" as a life work are exhibited. It displays not only unreleased works that made the subject in Japan, but also more than 20 works that include shoots in New York.

"Photo" is not much treated as a work of art in Japan, however this exhibition will be held with an unusual approach.

Especially exhibitions of photographic works at traditional domestic galleries mainly focusing on paintings, ceramics etc,

It is an unparalleled attempt.

Also This is his solo exhibition in Japan for the first time in three years.

throgh the window.jpg

Naoki Kimura Exhibition

2015/06/24 wed - 07/25 sat

木村尚樹「through the window -降り積もる光-」展


The  series Nagi (Shinnihon Publishing) embodies his seminal work, a brilliant description of the beauty of light and shadow intertwining within the intersection of time and space, and carving into it a powerful reflection on antiquity. The upcoming exhibition takes windows as theme and represents a recreation of Kimura’s interpretation of the world as illustrated in Nagi.

『凪-Nagi-』(新日本出版社)は、古(いにしえ)の思念を刻んだ空間と時間軸の交点にある事象を、光と影が織りなす瞬間の美を捉えた木村尚樹氏の代表作。 今展では、本シリーズの中から、「窓」をテーマにした作品を選りすぐり、氏の世界観を再構築しようと試みる展覧会です。 


Naoki Kimura Exhibition

2014/11/26 wed - 11/29 sat


Nagi Photo Book Publication Commemorative Exhibition


Emon Photo Gallery is to hold a special 5-day commemorative exhibition to celebrate the publication of Nagi, a book of photographs shot all over Europe by Naoki Kimura. This series of photographs takes as subject the historical architecture of the cities of Europe. The buildings are captured in light that descends like a vale; soft, enveloping light; sharp, penetrating light. Kimura perceives the light that depicts these structures—stained with the weight of history—with a carefully composed frame, resulting in moments of beauty. On display will be 25 painstakingly developed gelatin silver original prints. 







Emon D_choiceB&W.jpeg

B&W Exhibition -Special Exhibition-

2013/07/17 wed - 08/09 fri


Following last month’s monochrome exhibition, we present the second edition of the EMON Director’s Choice series, introducing pieces as rare as they are mesmerizing.The exhibition includes the photographs of Hideo Tobita, each one the only one that has, and will, ever exist.As well as the photographs of David Fokos, of which only the artist proofs remain.


David Focos

Hideo Tobita

Naoki Kimura



世界にただひとつ、たった一枚しか存在しない飛田氏の写真。 アーティストプルーフ(A/P)が残るのみとなったDavid Fokos氏の作品など、 希少価値のある作品を特別にご案内いたします。




2011.11.17 thu - 12.09 fri

「PORTRAITS 写真家と被写体との距離」

ポートレートは身近にあって奥深い。そこにはルールもなければ定義も無い。しかしあえて言うならば、互いの関係性の中に意図しない偶然が入る 隙間が在るということだ。それは「写真」ならではの魅力に違いない。 今回エモン・セレクション Vol.2 でご紹介するポートレートは、フィルムを用いた撮影で作品制作をしている 6 人の写真家の作品を展覧いたします。 展示作家は木村尚樹、公文健太郎、中藤毅彦、西山尚紀、横浪修、鷲尾和彦の6名です。


Silent Monochrome -Living with Photography-

2010.06.02 wed - 06.30 wed

David Fokos・木村尚樹・海沼武史・Coju Hemmi 4名の作家によるサイレントモノクロームの世界。

Exhibited artists are David Fokos, who pursues minimal and sophisticated beauty; Naoki Kimura, who has gained popularity with a collaborative exhibition with an interior designer ; Takeshi Kainuma, who in the series Bush captured the essential "light" and "existence" in wild weeds found in a city that appears inorganic as if rejecting everything; and Coju Hemmi whose works invite us on a journey and causes subtle rippling waves in our minds.

ミニマルで洗練された美の世界を追求する David Fokos、インテリアとコラ ボレートした展示で好評を博した木村尚樹、一見無機質な都会の雑草の中 に息づく「光」と「生」を捉え、限りなく白=無の世界へと近づいた海沼 武史の『Bush』。また Coju Hemmi の作品は、見る者を旅へといざない、心 のうちにさざ波のようなやわらかな波紋を作り出します。

silent monochrome2010.jpg
Naoki Kimura Exhibition 2009.jpg


2009.06.02 tue- 06.27 sat

木村尚樹展 「凪」立ち上がる、たまゆらの時。

Naoki Kimura is a fine art photographer who lives in New York City. After going to the US in 1987, he completed a Master’s Degree in art history, with an emphasis on Renaissance art. One of his research topics was iconology and its transformation in historical consciousness, and the method he used to analyze this phenomenon led him to form a novel world view synthesizing the classical and modern.


All phenomena around the subject – temperature, moisture, natural and manmade light – form a fleeting instant of beauty. This ephemeral beauty is Kimura’s nagi.


 With no empty technical flourishes to fall back on, he crosses the boundary all alone. In this sense, Kimura’s work is the essence of photographic expression.     






木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography

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